Sport Modern Car Wheels – 3D Model

Sport Modern Car Wheels – 3D Model

Formats: STL, FBX, OBJ

This the new advance 3d car wheel that can solve all your 3d car problem, it’s a pack that contains 15 difference rims, each wheels come with a different tyre pattern you ever think of, you don’t need to stress your self of thinking of what tyre pattern suit your car creation, you just have to choose from the pack and let the beauty show on your 3d car. it can be downloaded in 4 different format, this format are obj, 3ds, FBX, and STL, all formats are compressed into rar folder inside this folder contains the right format and image diffuse map, normal map and spec map. It’s a low poly model and it’s not subdivided but could still be subdivided, it’s your choice and can be use in any production, game and and so on. Do you get tired of creating new rims for every 3d car you design or have you ever wonder where to purchase an affordable pack full with varieties of rims, pryme3d is here for you..get a pack full of 20 rims(tyre+brake pad+rim)of ur choice. note each wheels does not have a real life logo one it. low poly mesh that can be turn into clean high poly mesh(just apply subdivision modifier), its a full wheel package not just the rims alone, it is UV unwrap, apply your textures and see the result, the format is available in Fbx, 3ds, obj and STL.

What you will get

Accurate modeling 15 difference rims and tyre pattern plus brake pad lowpoly UVunwrap